Uses: Commercial Security

GeckoSystems is ready to provide the most advanced Mobile Service Robots (MSR)s available to the security industry.


Automated Patrol

The SecurityBot™ MSR does not need sleep. It will patrol, secure and record any suspicious behavior or intrusion. It can patrol shopping centers, public transportation areas, warehouses, etc. It will faithfully patrol its assigned perimeter tirelessly while ever alert. It can also carry over 200lbs of equipment (weapon detection, surveillance, etc.).

Hazardous Materials

The SecurityBot™ MSR can be equipped with virtually any sensor platform to detect any harmful substance or threat, such as smoke, bombs, toxins, etc. It can then wirelessly notify security and hazmat response teams. While it waits, it can announce orders, give directives, and broadcast warnings to alert those nearby.

Improved Staff Efficiency

The SecurityBot™ MSR is capable of reducing the number of staff needed. A security check point that would normally require 3 or more guards in rotating shifts could be replaced by a single SecurityBot™. MSRs also never tire and never get bored at their post. MSRs can handle the most monotonous chores, allowing employees to focus on other, more engaging tasks, boosting their overall morale and satisfaction.


GeckoSystems' AscBot™, short for assistant sales clerk mobile robot, is similar to a traditional customer service kiosk, but more cost-effective due to its mobility while providing intelligent, theft deterrent video surveillance. Product location service would be provided using graphical touch screen input with verbal and/or visual outputs. This AscBot™ benefit would interface with point-of sale (POS) store inventory control systems for location, pricing, and special offers available.

The strategic business need addressed by GeckoSystems' AscBot™ is to enhance the in-store shopper's experience to strategically position the retailer as better and different than their competitors. This will enable them to enjoy margins greater than their competitors while maintaining desired market share. This type of strategic marketing positioning is necessary to increase gross sales while reducing overall operational costs to increase net profits. Simultaneously, while increasing sales with in-store assistance and product promotions, the AscBot's™ mobile and intelligent video surveillance systems would dramatically reduce shrinkage due to internal and external theft. Simply stated, GeckoSystems AscBot™ would "inform and observe™" in retail stores.

The AscBot™ would also function as an automated anti-shoplifting observation system for a specific product, single or multiple aisle video surveillance. This would minimize blind spots typically inherent with fixed video surveillance systems and each AscBot™ could have one or more video cameras. These mobile cameras can be readily repositioned depending on changing, seasonal displays. The AscBot™ would use environment sensory system and distance proximity analyses for "actionable situational awareness" to invoke proprietary AI expert system paradigms for beneficial emergent behaviors. For example, the AscBot™ would automatically maintain a preset distance to shoppers per designated area for deterrence and enhanced video surveillance. The GeckoSavant™ AI software architecture can be integrated with off board facial recognition software to identify prior shoplifting suspects. The AscBot™ can automatically notify store management when probable shoplifting behaviors and/or persons are identified in pre-designated at-risk areas. The AscBot™ will readily integrate with existing video over IP surveillance systems.

The development of the AscBot™ will make extensive use of existing GeckoSystems technologies originally developed for the CareBot™. While the AscBot™ will require a superset of the existing GeckoSystems capabilities, the additional functions required by the AscBot™ are currently available in off-the-shelf products that can be easily integrated into the existing GeckoSavant™ architecture.