Uses: Personal Assistance Robots

Not Just Science Fiction

Throughout the history of GeckoSystems the focus has been on personal assistance robots, also known as Mobile Service Robots (MSRs).

There are many R&D projects around the world focused on the same market, but we believe none of them are closer to being marketed than these GeckoSystems applications:.

The CareBot™

The CareBot™ is the company's flagship product, to be marketed initially to assist caregivers with the elderly and disabled. In the future it will also be used for child care applications. The CareBot has been Alpha tested in a the home environment and is ready for Beta testing as soon as funds are available.

The SafePath Wheelchair

GeckoSystems has created the SafePath wheelchair by using navigation technology developed for the CareBot and artificial intelligence to interpret joystick signals, filtering out erratic movements that often make it difficult for the disabled to use a power wheelchair. This technology goes beyond mere obstacle avoidance and actually enhances the response of the controls to the intention of the user, providing greater safety and enhanced mobility to disabled persons world wide.

SafePathEnabled Wheelchairs, the Needs and Benefits

A technical article on the SafePath Wheelchair
in the German magazine INSPECT.

The above links will give you more information on these two applications. There are many more possibilities for robots in the personal assistance market but these applications are within reach, they are no longer science fiction.

Click the headlines above for more information on both the CareBot and the SafePath Wheelchair.